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Each student is required to write an abstract what they should display alongside their project. Your abstract should provide a synopsis of the project highlighting the key points that are included in your project. Include enough information in your abstract that will enable the judges to have a basic understanding of your project. Avoid using too many details or discussions in your abstract. We recommend that you present such detailed information in the form of a written research paper or use them as part of your project display board. 

Participants should submit a copy of their abstract using our online Abstract Form. 

A successfully written abstract includes the following sections:

Purpose of the Experiment 

  • Explain why you have chosen this topic and why you are preparing this project. 
  • Provide a statement of your research problem or hypothesis. 

Procedures Used 

  • Include a brief summary of your key points and highlights explaining how you conducted the investigation. 
  • Provide detailed information about the materials that you have used in your project. 


  • Include the key findings that directly lead to conclusions. 
  • Do not include excessive details or numerical values about the results. 


  • Provide a concise description of your conclusions here. 
  • Remember to include a few applications and extensions from your research paper. 

The abstract is not a place where you should include your biography. 


Traffic is something that affects our lives every day. There are many innovations made and precautions taken to make driving safer for everyone. One of those innovations is the speed bump. While it is agreed that the speed bump is a necessary attribute to road safety, there are many problems regarding it such as being seemingly unnecessary to most drivers. Other issues include vehicle damage, noise pollution, the slow response time of emergency vehicles, and believe it or not, an increase of air pollution. The list goes on. It is surprising that, as long as the speed bump has been around, there has been little to no improvements to make it safer and more suitable for those affected. Last year, we created a project which takes away all the dilemmas of the speed bump, while remaining effective and keeping the public safe with an “adaptabump”. We created the “adaptabump” to reward those who follow local traffic laws and to remind those who don't, to simply follow them. This year we have decided to continue with the project and improve it in as many ways as possible. We have made the “adaptabump” more visible, weatherproof, even safer for pedestrians and school zones, and more ideal for emergency vehicles. Based on the results that we gathered, we can conclude that the “adaptabump” confirms our hypothesis and completes our goal. The “adaptabump” is, by far, a better option to regular speed bumps and should be applied to roads in cities across the world.
Nowadays, people have huge problems with water. One of the biggest problems with water is that it’s not easy to filtrate it. 71% of the world is covered with water, 97% is salty water and only 3% of water on Earth is fresh water. Factories, like Arcelor Mittal, release heavy metals. If the heavy metals are found in our drinking water it can be very dangerous and harmful for our health. We discovered a simple solution for that problem. In an unusual way we will try to make the water drinkable. We will remove heavy metals with pumpkin. We found out that pumpkin contains carboxylic groups and lignocellulosic materials, which is effective for removal of toxic metals. This process consists of 3 stages: preparing the pumpkin, preparing the toxic water and the experiment. We dried it and then crushed it into dust like pieces and put it into a water. At the end of our experiment we came to a conclusion that pumpkin removes heavy metals from toxic water. Clean water is very important. Each year, there are more deaths caused by a toxic water than by war and all other forms of violence combined. Finding ways to clean it with natural sources is even better, because we need to think about our environment throughout this process. Knowing all these informations, we can say that our project can be solution for the water pollution and it can be something big in the future.
Today, although technology has made life easier in almost all aspects of life, with minimum effort required to do just about any labor, physical handicaps can still cause a major problem for a person to lead a normal life. By this we mean the unfortunate people who endure quadriplegia, whether because of spinal cord or brain injury, complications because of a stroke or similar conditions. These are severe injuries that come with many side effects but the most frightening to most people is the inability to move. Luckily, modern technology may provide a solution for this problem. That is the goal of our project and we want to achieve it by using the brain power of a person to return a small portion of mobility to a patient. Because of the very complex structure of the brain, modern-day scientist are able to see which part of the brain we use and for what function. Combine this with equipment to read these activities and a few microprocessors and you will get a system that a quadriplegic person can control. Combine this with a wheelchair and you will get a transportation vehicle controlled by the mind of a person. Because of the many different types of brain waves and impulses throughout the brain, different commands can be given and also over the facial muscles if the patient is still able to control them. We read these impulses by using EEG electrodes which accurately measure brain waves, and process them using a few controlling units connected to a computer. The effects of this system can only be positive because of the very obvious advantages and the very unlikely disadvantages which we can confidently disregard as insignificant bearing in mind that a disabled person needs a great amount of special attention and that does not only concern its physical but also its physical well-being.