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The IGO judges will consider the following factors when evaluating each project. 

  1. Is the participant creative in presenting the project at the science fair? 
  • Does your research demonstrate creativity and authenticity? 
  • Is your research problem solved in an original way? 
  • Did you create or design your own set of unique equipment? 

2. In your science fair project, did you use scientific methods and procedures?  

  • Was your research problem stated clearly? 
  • Did you do your initial research using scientific literature? 
  • Did you state your variables clearly? 
  • Did you make use of any controls? 
  • Are your conclusions backed up by your data? 
  • Are you aware of the limitations of your data and experiment? And, are these limitations included in your conclusion? 
  • Did you include any recommendations for additional research? 

3. Did you complete your science project thoroughly? 

  • Have you thoroughly considered your science fair project and completed it in a systematic way with an easy-to-follow approach making use of scientific methods? 
  • Did you fully complete all sections in your research experiment? 
  • Have you created a project journal? 
  • Does your project journal include detailed notes taken throughout your experiment and investigation? 

4. Was the quality of your technical skills exceptional? 

  • Did you use all of the necessary equipment to collect your data? 
  • Did you test your project at home, at school, or in a university laboratory? 
  • Where did you get your equipment from? Did you design it on your own? Is it something that you borrowed? Did you work in a professional laboratory? 
  • Did you build your project on your own or did you use external assistance? If someone else helped you, do not forget to give credits to them as this is important for the judges to see. 

5. Are you certain that you have clarity with all of the specifics of your science project? 

6. It will also be looked at how beneficial your project can be to the society.  

Judging Criteria 





The research problem is highly creative and original; a unique approach is used in solving a sustainability issue. 


Review of Literature 

Scientific literature is carefully reviewed for the research, and appropriate references are used. 


Scientific Thought 

Hypothesis is stated clearly; the research has a clear purpose; all relevant variables are identified clearly. 


Scientific Method 

It is evident that the study was completed thoroughly, and efforts were made in employing scientific procedures; the experimentation and investigations were completed using the required methods. 


Data Management 

Date tables, charts, and graphs were properly recorded and displayed; all collected data are accurately analysed. 



All conclusions drawn are logical and consistent with the collected data; recommendations are included for future research. 



Clear practical applications of the project are included; it is clearly explained in what ways the society can benefit from this project. 


Research Skills and Effort 

Each researcher demonstrated a high level of research skills and efforts to complete the project; they also had an excellent understanding of the techniques and equipment used to collect data. 


Understanding the Project 

Each student has an excellent understanding of every step during the implementation of the project. 


Quality of Display 

The display board and project journal are well-organised.